Friday, March 7, 2014

ZipZag 1.80 x86 x64

ZipZag is an advanced archivaj busy ZIP, 7zip, ace, arc, arj, BZ2, BZA, taxis, kpyo, CZIP, ear Derbe, again, GCA, gz, GZA, jar, LHA, LZH, LZS , PAK, CC3, rar, tar, RPM, TAR.Z, Taz, TZ, tar.bz2, TBZ, TB2, TBZ2, tar.gz, tge, caps, war, WMZ, WSZ, Z, B64, UUE . Features include extract, add, delete, sfo, unsfx, convert, batch add, batch extract, merge, run, install, checkout, view, test, virus scan, repair, remove it known passwords, tronke, span, unspan, mail, write and print files list, file list export txt, CSV files and more with me. You can drag and drop files from other applications ZipZag to see them, or you can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to extract them into a specific folder. You can use the context menu right click compress files or extract files from archives archives. Add batch feature allows to compress many files once, each its own archives. Extract batch features allow to extract many files at once. Entry Archives create a single archive from a couple of smaller archives. ZipZag can span unspan zip file or by using the standard procedure, or even slice or restore any type of file. ZipZag built in viewer that works with most popular formats, such as HTML, XML, DOC, PDF, BMP, iko, JPG, TIFF, TGA, PNG, PCD, PSD, PSP, PCX and more. C + +, Delphi, CSS, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, Perl and PHP source code syntax considered online use. ZipZag all records operations Windows Explorer can do, the more you can wipe a file making the file impossible to recover. Many dialog boxes, as Extract or added, is rdimansyonabl.

Size: 14 mb
Files: 2

Torrent Health Torrent HealthGood: 17 Bad: 3


Users review: ZipZag is a compression tool that you can use to easily archive your files and extract content from them. Once you start the application, you can define associations and File paths, as well as the compaction properties change in configuration. The interface is friendly ZipZag, thanks to the scheme based Explorer. So you can convert a file (for example, the 7-Zip: Bza, freezer, Squeeze), create self-extracting archive (zip or 7-zip) and change the view mode. You can also add and delete files in batch mode, or expansion unspan ZIP file, clean files and folders, use the method of drag and drop to move files ZipZag for other applications, as well as easy access to the commands via the context menu (in the interface of the programs). Also, you can merge files, truncating file names, file repair, remove known password, use Mapping a network drive, the content of print or export, use option-mail, run, install, checkout, test or scan a file and change the look of the interface. The tool uses a low amount of system resources for a small, contain a help file very well prepared and freeze or crash during our tests. In addition, its response time is very good. Overall ZipZag is a great tool to manage files archived and contains many useful functions. We strongly recommend that users of any experience level.

What is new:

TrustedVersion: 1.80
Category: Compression tools
Developer: Xtreme Soft srl
Size: 14 mb

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