Monday, March 3, 2014

Advanced MP3 Search 1.8

Advanced MP3 Search helps you to find and retrieve MP3 and WAV files Internet.It Results 10 MP3 search engines and produce a list of relevant files.The Advanced MP3 Search is a free and you can register for the program proceeding After the one-month trial period.

Size: 212 mb
Files: 3

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Users review: Advanced MP3 Search is very easy to use application that helps you to find and download MP3 and WAV files from the Internet. Already there are many similar software solutions on the market, and while some offer many configuration options, others fail to serve its purpose, and can get the file e look. Advanced MP3 Search, nevertheless, intends to make an impression and more user-friendly approach, relying on very bright rozhraníma small customization options, all of which are grouped in a single window. Main window prompts the user to enter a start time to find the actual search process, and a few different options to make up the search, check the URL and search MP3 or WAV. The fact is that the process of searching takes time, sometimes a few minutes, which is completely unacceptable, given that the applications share the same files much faster, but Advanced MP3 Search still an effective tool. Dedicated setup screen gives you the option to choose the number of search thread connection and download limits of time, but also choose the search engine you want to use. Among those implicitly authorized its worth mentioning, Yahoo, Google and FileSearch. For a good side, Advanced MP3 Search offers very intuitive interface and friendly approach to all users. On the other hand, need much time to complete the search. Overall, this small application deserves a chance, but only if e prepared to wait a few minutes each time e looking for a new file. Otherwise, the market is already full of the same application makes it faster.

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TrustedVersion: 1.8
Category: Internet|File Sharing
Size: 212 mb

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