Saturday, March 1, 2014

symbiantool 1.79

Symbian tool is a very small application and easy to use so that you (edit backup, restoration, cleaning, optimize and execute repair) different tasks on the Symbian tool phone.Cleaning your support: Jubbler - Cleanup registry , applications, settings, cacheSterilizer (Jubbler + +) - Cleanup registry, applications, settings, index files, cache, maps, widget, personal folders, patches, thumbnails small, dictionaries, demos, examples, Downloads, games, backup settings. Let your photos, videos and audio.Regkiller simply - Installing Symbian quick registration cleanup, removal applications.Thumbkiller - remove thumbnails and file News Index - Optimizer - Registry remove dead links, empty directories and orphans, the defragmentation phone . accelerate Quick - Optimization of households to accelerate a number of Symbian file storage system file access and boot tools times.Backup: Quickbak - Backup multimedia and personal documents, people in one click Quickres - Restore multimedia and personal documents with one click Fullbak - Backup a complete image of the memory Fullres Reserve your Symbian - image of your symbian storage Complete Recovery - Customer Transfer - Run (copy) last photos and video from the fact that they o, in a move click custom - Move last images and photos off the phone to the computer, click in a selective file copy / move - Choose the move to computer and vice versa registry backup tool or copy from the phone files, allowing for a Backup the registry TURBO Symbian phone into the computer, very useful to save your settings and restore applications.Registry - * Attention! Here is a nondestructive method, old registry are deleted from the phone and be replaced by backup of your registry. This tool is useful if you want to install, uninstall, try the applications and programs (mainly Java) and then just wants to go back to the original state.Full delete - delete everything protected from the storage device Symbian, in a way not possible for relaxation, privacy, useful when selling / for a cell phone, is also very useful to a quickbak / previously stored remove Defender from your PC. Symfix - A scanning and repair tool that the file system Symbian and try checks to repair its structure. Useful, as long as people continue to connect the device from the computer Symbian unorthodox manner and to separate, this can easily lead to file system errors. Symfix should fix this problem and the type of the file system damage.Juck - people tend to be unorthodox disconnect your phone from your computer again and again ... systematically percentage is why, so cases of data loss or malfunction of the file system of Symbian Dry devices .. ng that to unlock the phone, waiting, and want to disconnect. How boring. So, does Symbian tool is for you with a mouse click, select the device, and it will be disconnected from a Windows clean and orthodox way as USB, so that you can safely perform PC.Snoop - Here is a deep analysis tool of your Symbian phone with lots of information about the file system, storage, installed applications and functional status. Uninstaller - This tool provides a complete and detailed Unistalling of one or more applications for Symbian phones. This tool uses a wildcard algorithm to index all libraries in a given application to join, so deep to remove the identity, but it is important to remember when you write the name of the application to unistall is and the original installation of the application to remove (. SIS or any), so make sure you have a full backup (Symbian Tool defender is quite ok for this) anything if you only ä change your mind and want to re-install the application again, manually.Symark - (Benchmark) This tool, the power of the access time analyzes internal data of Symbian devices and the data transfer rate from the computer to the Symbian device. Note: This tool companion.sis is completely harmless, they do not make changes to the installation routine or memory storage.

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