Monday, January 13, 2014

Undelete 360 2.16 Build 25 Download

Undelete 360 ​​is a professional utility to restore files accidentally deleted from your computer. It is made on fast and efficient algorithm that browse, search and recover lost files due to various factors: accidental deleting, viruses, software and computer?? Ka errors. It can recover deleted files from computer?? Ka drives, USB drives, Camera devices, Pen Drives, Memory Cards and supports both file recovery and folder recovery.

Size: 14 mb
Files: 2

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Users review: Undelete 360 ​​is a software that can help you recover files that have been deleted from your computer. The user interface of the tool is simple and intuitive. You can start by performing a job on the partition. Undelete 360 ​​ends after this step, you will see the name and path of each file. But you can also view files by category, such as information on how to install Adobe Photoshop, applications, bitmaps, graphics, GIF, HTML, icons, documents, Internet favorites, standard graphics in JPEG, PDF, PNG, text documents and others. In addition, you can use the search function, preview files, view file properties of their hexadecimal codes and daily software. So all you have to do is select the files and press the Restore button. You can keep the folder structure, use a smart recovery to data from the original file and the time to recover alternate data stream and specify the directory issue. In addition, you can configure the filtering options when it comes to the file name, date range, file size and other (hide temporary files or crushed) and all files and previously deleted files (entries in the directory, advice ammunition). Software requires a moderate to large amount of system resources. Unfortunately, it does not help file. We haven encountered problems during our test Undelete 360 ​​is recommended for all users.

What is new: preview option added

TrustedVersion: 2.16 Build 25
Category: System|Back-Up and Recovery
Developer: File Recovery Ltd.
Size: 14 mb

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