Tuesday, January 14, 2014

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 64-Bit

IBM Lotus Notes software offers a rich desktop experience that helps users to find, transform, and share content across geographically dispersed teams in time real. It provides business, Internet and people directly to user data, integrated with intelligent messaging environment that simplifies and streamline workflow by organizing and prioritizing tasks while, which for the action, and connects directly with sources.Notes information provides a single access point, access to e-mails, calendars, contacts, activities, instant messaging, flow, office documents, collaboration tools and business applications. Users can manage their inbox full text search, delegation, mail filtering and sorting, conversation views, and flags.Easy to use, desktop client integrated, brings you the people, business applications, and information you need throughout the enterprise and the Internet to help you get the job fast.IBM Lotus Notes you can help them to be productive both online and offline, and leverage people and resources throughout the company and across the Web.

Size: 810 mb
Files: 3

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Features: Provides a robust and productive user experience with a single point of access to email, calendars, contacts, activities, instant messaging, feeds, office documents, collaboration tools and business applications. Helps users manage their ever-growing inboxes effectively, with full-text search, delegation, mail filtering and sorting, conversation views and flags. Helps increase user productivity with customizable widgets that can recognize specific patterns of text in Lotus Notes documents; recognized text can be clicked to perform the appropriate business action associated with that widget, such as retrieving information from a flight number in an e-mail. Helps users instantly locate and connect with resources via presence awareness, business cards and instant messaging incorporated in context within the inbox and calendar. Helps minimize or eliminate the impact of computer viruses through robust security features. Helps drive business value through composite application technology that allows you to integrate and present line-of-business solutions and data from multiple systems into a single view for end-users. Helps users to be productive even when disconnected from the network with advanced replication technology.

Users review:

What is new: Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3 includes entitlement to the IBM Connections files and profiles components adding significant capabilities to help clients become a social business Enhanced new mail notification which optionally provides a pop up preview (containing both sender and subject) of new mail messages as they arrive. Improved sorting on email subject content that ignores the "Re:" and "Fw:" prefix, from reply & forward respectively, providing a more accurate sorting of your data. A new option to search by sender or subject available when you right click an email. Optionally leave countered meetings on your calendar. Allow countered meetings to show up in a unique color, with the time the meeting was originally scheduled for as well as maintaining the ability to act on the original calendar invite and with hover text indicating the new proposed time. Optionally notify existing invitees when adding or removing attendees from an existing meeting, informing them of the change a...

TrustedVersion: 8.5.3
Category: Office tools|Other Office Tools
Developer: IBM Corporation
Size: 810 mb

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