Saturday, November 30, 2013

VBto Converter 2.52 [by samara_99] Windows XP/7 Installer Download

VBto Converter is a great tool that helps you convert MS Visual Basic 6.0 project files and source code resources or MS VC + + source code project VBNET. VBto Converter creates or updates any project. For example, for MS VC + +, forms and source code of VB6 projects converted into MFC-based dialogs. Such dialogue will be available to all. CPP and. File H. MS VB 6.0 Input file:. * Frm, frx *, * CLS, * Bas, file project.vbp MS VB NET Output: ...... * Vb * resx, project.vbproj, AssemblyInfo.vb output MS C #. NET File: ... * Cs, resx *, project.csproj, MS J # NET AssemblyInfo.cs output file: ... * JSL, * Resx, project.vjsproj, AssemblyInfo.jsl MS VC NET output file: *. cpp, h *, project.vcproj, project.rc, resource.h, AssemblyInfo.cpp output files MS VC + + (MFC): ... * CPP, h *, project.dsp, project.rc, Output File resource.h Borland C + + Builder:. * CPP, h *, * DFM, project.bpr, project.cpp, Borland Delphi project.res Output file: ... * Passed * DFM, project.dpr, project.cfg, projects .. Res supported MS VB controls: Form, Menu, Toolbar, Frame, SSTab, label, textbox, UpDown, CommandButton, checkboxes, OptionButton, ComboBox, ListBox, ListView, TreeView, PictureBox, Image, ImageList, Dianchú, of course, progressbar, HScrollBar, VScrollBar, Shape, Line, CommonDialog, Timer, DriveListBox, DirListBox, FileListBox, Statusbar

Size: 12 mb
Files: 2

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Users review: +. NET CLR (Common Language News) Basic view. NET, 100 # # 100, 100 + +, Borland Builder Borland Delphi. This program is the work of early conversion to borrow from wind, New frm visual, Microsoft (file formats), FRx (binary file formats), namely, CLS (Of course, pain), work one night, I have attached, (ERV pain), CTL (control file header), CTX (Areas binary file) or VBP (Visual very ugly), and offices, there is a need to customize the operation of all the files on the web pages. Return VBto s interface is simple, as is the case, and a well-organized and easy to use research. Start by creating a file, and then select a developer, one of the exit practices. The VB. The next section has a set of features as the version tab as an army set in array by converting feel good, not work, and the way our ancestors. Another feature of the same type form of output, and thus certainly not least in the process of science, because they improve the most peaceful. With the converter, you can convert basic view your files in no time VBto of VB, CS, JSL, H resx, cpp, DFM swap or chili sauce and VBPROJ, CSPROJ, VJPROJ, VCPROJ, DSP, or BPR SSO. In the file format, along with the exact speed at the exit of a plethora of performance, and that makes it the best tool in a real reason to remember us VBto converter for its kind.

What is new: Support UserControls

TrustedVersion: 2.52
Category: Programming|Coding languages / Compilers
Developer: StressSoft Company
Size: 12 mb

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