Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mouse Clicker by eklmnop 32-Bit Download

Mouse Clicker is a Windows tool designed to automatically turn on sending mouse clicks anywhere on the screen. Interface program living proof that mouse Clicker can be safely used by both beginners and those with less knowledge of computers, mainly thanks to the fact that all together in a very intuitive a single window. Obviously, there are several configuration options to play with, all that needs to be checked before they start the process of clicking. Users initially sought to establish the number of clicks, what can be either user-defined number of clicks or click continue for a certain period of time. As expected, mice Clicker allows you to choose between the left right and center, and four actions are supported: single click, double click, the button and the button down . Click Zone can prepare in two different ways: it can either where the mouse cursor or a fixed point on the screen, where you will be asked to input coordinates. Mouse Clicker work flawlessly on all versions of Windows and tf affect the performance of the system at all, even when doing a job scheduled. In general, mouse Clicker is a piece of software useful to all users who want to take automatic click and only a reasonable amount of configuration options. User assistance is available, if you need more information on the characteristics of certain built-in.

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Features: Click wherever the mouse is Click on a fixed point Specifies the number of clicks

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Developer: Robot Soft Studio
Size: 810 mb

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